Name: Dr. Sreenath VS
Designation: Assistant Professor
Research Area: Indian Literature
Department: Humanities and Social Sciences
E-Mail: sreenath[AT]
Phone: +91 755 269 2707
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Academic Details

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IISER Bhopal
  • M.A. (English Language and Literature). MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY, KERALA.
  • B.A. (English Language and Literature). MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY, KERALA.


My broader areas of interest include 'history of ideas' and 'interventionist intellectual historiography'. These two areas, for me, go hand in hand, enriching each other. Drawing inspiration from the cardinal principles of these two streams of knowledge, I currently work on the problematics of the treatment of indigenous knowledge systems in the postcolonial space. The following are the broader areas I am currently working on:

  • Sanskrit Literary Theory
  • Literary Theory and Criticism
  • Cultural Studies
  • Colonial history of Kerala
  • Colonial Modernity and its impact on indigenous knowledge systems
  • Translation studies (with special emphasis on Malayalam Literature)
  • New Historicism


Authors Title of Article Journal Year
V S Sreenath
Satra in Sahitya: The Philosophy of Aesthetic Expression and Experience in Balakanda (Forthcoming) Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research (Springer) 2023
Sreenath V S
The Dharmic Function of Sanskrit Kavya: Poetry as a Suggestive Force Journal of Dharma Studies (Springer) 2022
V S Sreenath
Dissent, Debate and Vegetative Existence: Sanskrit Poetics and Nationalist Trend Economic and Political Weekly 2022
Sreenath V S
and Chandran Mini
Kavyasastra and Creative Freedom In Pre-Modern India Economic and Political Weekly 2022
Sreenath V S
What To Do with the Past?: Sanskrit Literary Criticism in Postcolonial Space Journal of Indian Philosophy (Springer) 2021
Sreenath V S
Resistance to Svabhavokti: Kuntaka's theory of Vakrokti as an Enriching Experience for Author and Reader South Asian Review (Taylor and Francis) 2019
Sreenath V S
Symbolic Power of Poetry Economic and Political Weekly 2019
Sreenath V S
The Deconstructive Force on Rasa- Towards a Post-Theory Praxis Indian Literature (Sahitya Akademi) 2018
Sreenath V S
Avivaksitavacya-dhvani and the Deterritorialization of Signifier: A Liberating Experience for Author and Reader Journal of Indian Philosophy (Springer) 2017
Sreenath V S
Resistance to Canon: Towards a New Approach to Sanskrit Literary Theories Journal of Contemporary Thought (Forum for Contemporary Thought) 2017
Sreenath V S
Nostalgia for the Colonial World: A Reconsideration of Mayyazhi's Colonial Past JSL (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi) 2016
Sreenath V S
Othappu in Two Tongues Translation Today (National Translation Mission) 2015


Authors Editors Title Publisher Year
Sreenath V S
Anandita Pan
Punnya Rajendran
Aesthetics in India: Transitions and Transformations Orient Blackswan 2023
Sreenath V S
Sreenath V S
Beyond the Canon: The Future of Sanskrit Poetics (Forthcoming) Bloomsbury 2022
Sreenath V S
Mini Chandran
Sreenath V S
Mini Chandran
An Introduction to Sanskrit Poetics: History, Theory and Theoreticians Bloomsbury 2020


  • An Introduction to Literary Appreciation (HSS 326)
  • An Introduction to Detective Fiction (HSS 312)
  • Self and Subjectivity in Literary Productions (HSS 631)
  • Nation and Narration (HSS 634)

Awards and Fellowships

  • Meenakshi Mukherjee Memorial Prize, 2021-2022 (Indian Association of Common Wealth Language and Literature Studies )
    Junior Research Fellowship (UGC)