PhD Work-in-Progress Presentations.

Workshop: Knowledge Production, Ethics, and Reflexivity in South Asia.

Seminar: What Responsibility? Whose Responsibility? Intention, Agency, and Emotions of Collective Entities

Where 'Power' Meets 'Identity': Governance, Feminism and the Politics of Representation

Dept of HSS Panel Discussion: Disciplines, Methods, and Identities: Reflections and Perspectives.

The Gender Gap in Indian STEM and the Questions that Remain by Nandita Jayaraj.

Even at the Nanoscale... Society's Deep Impact on Science, Technology and Innovation in India

Department Day 2023

Piety and Patronage in Early Buddhism by Prof. Upinder Singh

Care of the Self : Ethics and Politics in Plato by Prof. Vijay Tankha

Mothers, Masculinities and Love in Conflict Research by Amya Agarwal

Battle over chronology: Establishing antiquity of Tamil literature in colonial India by Rajesh Venkatasubramanian.

Religion, Mysticism and the World by Professor Susan Visvanathan

Lifeworlds: Ethnography as Method and Life: A Workshop with Susan Visvanathan

Department Day 2022